Outstanding Student

On Nov. 3rd, our 7th grade student, Jesus Wallace attended the National Center for Political Analysis (NCPA) conference in Dallas. The conference addressed leadership decisions in dealing with the middle east. Special speakers, Lieutenant General Rick Lynch and former congressman(LtCol-ret) Allen West, both identified Jesus as son of an Army Chaplain, and being the future of a great nation. We are so proud of him!

JesusBook Collage

Fundraiser Dinner TONIGHT!

Join the fun and fellowship tonight.  The Volleyball Team will be cooking and serving a delicious Mexican food theme meal.  There’s a baked goods auction as well.  Let’s celebrate a great beginning to this school year and the many exciting learning opportunities that are yet to come.

Play the video below to see some of this year’s activities.


Fund Raiser Dinner is Coming

Mark your calendars for a delicious Spurling Fundraiser!  Tuesday, October 13th, 6:30 pm

Coach Hovend and the volleyball students will be preparing and serving dinner (Mexican theme) at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, October 13th. We will be accepting donations during the dinner and we will be having a BAKED GOODS AUCTION! We encourage all students to participate in the auction.


More details will be coming soon, but we just wanted to let you know to MARK YOUR CALENDARS! OCTOBER 13th!