Uniforms are required for all students. Uniforms are worn Monday through Friday. Uniform requirements are listed below. See page 11 of the Student Handbook for further information.

Red, white or navy blue polo type shirt with SCA crest on the left chest side of the shirt is
required. Crests are available in the academy office for a small fee.
Navy blue or khaki uniform bottoms
Pants or capris must fit
Shorts must be fingertip length or longer
Skorts (girls only) must be fingertip length or longer
Dresses and skirts (girls only) must be fingertip length or longer and must be worn with shorts
Students must wear wear white bobby socks
Girls may wear white knee highs or blue, white or black tights instead of bobby socks
Black, brown or white tennis shoes or dress shoes (90% solid color)
Black or brown belt (exception: K3-K5 classes)
Navy blue pullover sweatshirts or hoodies with SCA crest or SCA sweatshirts or hoodies
* uniform top MUST be worn under sweatshirt or hoodie
Solid red, white or navy blue long sleeve (turtle neck is acceptable) under polo shirt in cold